Professional Home Medical Product Assistance

We offer the largest selection of home medical equipment and supplies in the San Diego area and our personalized advice is second to none.

Getting properly fitted or sized medical equipment & supplies matters. Especially when it comes to medical products like compression socks, braces, shoes, walking aids, bathroom safety equipment, and post-mastectomy items. We provide custom fittings for a variety of items at no charge to ensure that you or your loved one gets a product that is comfortable, easy to use, and works as intended. 

We stock the San Diego Area’s largest selection of compression garments, orthotics, and post-mastectomy products. From neck to ankle, we have it all! Our fitting team can special order custom compression (or other) garments, if necessary.

Our team of certified fitters is available to measure and fit you in the privacy of a comfortable fitting room. Our team includes bilingual fitters who will take the time to explain your options as well as educate you on the proper use of your garment.

Many doctors, nurses, and therapists refer their patients to San Diego Homecare Supplies because they know their patients will receive personalized care and go home wearing the best product for their individual needs.

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