Scooters and Mobility Aids

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If you need a mobility aid, like a Power Scooter, a Power Chair, or a wheelchair, we understand is not an easy task to find the right one. Needing a mobility aid is not always an easy thing to accept. We hear you! The idea of “loss of independence” is familiar to us, and we have struggled finding the right mobility aids for our own family members who did not want to accept they needed help in order to reduce the risk of falling and stay safe. At San Diego Homecare Supplies, we will help you and your loved one find the perfect solution, and also help educate all involved on how a mobility aid can actually IMPROVE Independence.

You’re invited to visit our comfortable showroom where you can see and test-drive the various models of walkers, rollators, scooters, wheelchairs and canes; and take a look at the accessories available to enhance many mobility aids. You’ll find that we stock models in a range of price points and we can answer your questions about insurance coverage requirements and options. Wheelchairs are also available to rent on a monthly basis if needed. We look forward to helping you find safe and sound mobility solutions!


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