MEDLINE – Hybrid 2 Transport Wheelchairs

Hybrid 2 Transport Wheelchair from MedLine is a lightweight transport chair and wheelchair in one. This wheelchair/transport chair is designed for mobility patients. Equipped with 8-inch transport wheels, these wheels come already attached to the chair. Two larger 24 inch rear drive wheels easily attach and remove with the push of a button, making the conversion from companion use to self-propel mode quick and easy. When the larger 24 Inch wheels are attached, the chair weighs 33 pounds. Without the large drive wheels, it weighs 24 pounds. With its lightweight, folding feature, and removable wheels, the chair travels light and easy. This transport chair fits well into most automobile trunks or storage compartments.

Hybrid Wheelchair is available in both 16 inch and 18 inch wide seat models. 18-inch models come with either swing-away or elevating leg rests. The transport wheelchair with the elevating leg rest option features padded calf pads, making it the recommended choice for patients who need to raise their legs to alleviate edema or swelling. One other great feature of these transport chairs is the removable desk-length armrests. This feature allows patients to sit comfortably at a desk or table due to their lower height.

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