Medi CIRCAID JuxtaFit Essentials Hand

An adjustable made-to-measure compression garment for the hand and the fingers.

The Circaid Juxtafit essentials glove wrap provides additional compression for the hand including the fingers. Due to the individual bands, it is easy to handle and is therefore ideal for self-management. To guarantee an optimum fit and match the individual requirements it is available as made-to-measure and in different variants also with a dorsum strap for the additional compression of the dorsum of the hand.

Product Details

Medi CIRCAID JuxtaFit Essentials Hand Product Details

  • Compresses the hand, including fingers
  • Easy handling
  • Includes a removal band to make removal easier
  • Available as made-to-measure for optimum fit

Product Specifications

Medi CIRCAID JuxtaFit Essentials Hand Specifications


  • Lymphoedema
  • other forms of edema
  • Lipoedema

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