NOVA Folding Walker with 5″ Wheels

The Nova Folding Walker with 5″ wheels features a lightweight aluminum frame.

Folding Walkers are NOT all the same. Although they are common and standard in features (and most are grey…not our favorite), there are lots of great accessories to make these folding walkers look and function a thousand percent better…and they even come in colors!

Product Details

NOVA Folding Walker with 5″ Wheels Product Details

  • 5″ fixed wheels
  • two button release for great security
  • Folds to 4″ in width for easy transport and storage

Product Specifications

NOVA Folding Walker with 5″ Wheels Specifications

Item Number:  4080
Weight Capacity / Wt Cap:      300 lb
Weight/ Each Weight:      6.4 lb
Overall Dimensions (High):      25.5″w x 19.75″d x 38.5″h
Overall Dimensions (Low):      25″w x 18.75″d x 32.5″h
Height Adjustment:      32.5″ – 38.5″
Width Between Handles:      18″
Overall Footprint (High):      25.5″w x 19.75″d
Overall Footprint (Low):      25″w x 18.75″d
Overall Dimensions Folded:      25″-25.5″w x 4″d x 33.5″-39.5″h
Tip Size:      11/8″
Approximate User Height:      5’4″ – 6’2″

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