60-second Digital Thermometer

Accurate and reliable 60- second readings you can trust.

This digital thermometer is a sensitive thermometer that measures even the smallest change in your body temperature. It is more accurate and reliable than normal glass thermometers. Use this Vega digital oral thermometer to measure your body temperature.The thermometer has a simple push button to start and a large LCD screen for easy readings. Features a measuring time from 60 seconds and provides a recall of the last measurement, which helps keep track of your health condition improvements. Comes with aprotective case which makes it easier to carry around.
  • Simple-to-use digital oral thermometer
  • Features a standard LCD screen for easy readings
  • Temperature measuring time from 60 seconds
  • Keeps a recall of the last measurement
  • Features a sound signal and auto switch-off
  • Non-mercury and non-glass, moistureproof
  • Protective case included



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