Full Silicone Breast Forms

Full Silicone Breast Forms available in every size and shape in our breast form store. We carry in stock every size and shape from leading manufacturers such as Amoena, Anita, American Breast Care and Trulife.

Shoulders or back hurting?  Feeling off balance?  Running into walls, tripping or falling? Shoulders uneven? Chest caving in? Balance off?  Believe it or not, wearing a silicone breast form may help. After breast surgery, your body adjusts to the weight that was removed, affecting you from head to toe. Replacing the weight and shape removed during surgery provides you with better balance and posture, reduces strain on the body from adjusting to the weight that was removed, and helps prevent the chest and shoulders from sinking.

Particularly as you age, wearing a comfortable prosthesis every day is essential to keeping your body in balance. Did you know that not wearing your prosthesis leaves you more at risk of falling? We have ladies that come in using a cane and not wearing a prosthesis, and leave after their fitting wearing a prosthesis and not using a cane. What an improvement!

Silicone breast forms come in full and partial depths and have the shape and texture of a natural breast, making them discreet under clothing, lingerie and even bathing suits. At San Diego Homecare Supplies we have an extensive selection of sizes, shapes, and depths of breast prostheses, giving you a full range of choices for your unique needs. Our highly trained and experienced professional fitters are waiting to help you find the right size and shape for a beautiful and natural fit from our large selection of quality brands. Make your fitting appointment today.

Prosthesis feeling heavy? It may be time for a new bra!  When bras get old and the elastic wears out, they no longer hold your breast form close to your body, making the prosthesis feel heavy.  Getting fitted for new bras at least once a year is recommended, and your health insurance may cover them.

You should also get fitted for a new breast form every two years. Our bodies change as we age, and even if you are the same weight, what fit following your mastectomy is likely to change over the years. Ever notice that our weight tends to go south? Gravity affects us all day long, and having the right size breast prosthesis and bras can help you feel more balanced, more like you.

(Most health insurances cover a new prosthesis every two years and new bras at least once a year following a partial or full mastectomy. If you have questions about insurance coverage and documentation requirements, please call our store.)


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