Finest Wig Selection for Cancer Patients

We look forward to helping you find a wig that helps you feel beautiful and confident.

Wigs by: Jon Renau , Gisela, and Belle Madame

Wigs for Cancer Patients: they are an important aspect of personal care, and hair loss can be a difficult aspect of cancer treatment; we want to help you work through this experience. We carry a selection of high-quality and stylish wigs and hair pieces from top makers such as Jon Renau , Gisela, and Belle Madame. Our fitters can assist you in finding a partial or full hair piece that can help enhance your confidence and get you closer to feeling like you again.

We’re also proud to be affiliated with the San Diego Chapter of the American Cancer Society as a wig bank; providing wigs and head coverings at no charge to patients undergoing chemotherapy who lack the financial resources or insurance coverage. On that note, you may want to look into your insurance coverage to determine whether a wig or hair piece is covered—while Medicare does not reimburse for wigs, some other providers do. We look forward to working with you!

We carry in stock a large selection of wigs for Cancer Patients made from  Human Hair, Synthetic and Heat Defiant Synthetic wigs.

How to Choose the Right Wig Cap Design

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