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Post-surgical garments promote comfort and healing after surgery.

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Post-surgical garments for the sensitive time following your surgery are very important, and we have special bras and camisoles that are designed to nurture and protect delicate skin while gently restoring your shape and your confidence. Using post-surgical garments helps with healing in the first few weeks after surgery and will give you gentle support.

Post-surgical camisoles and bras have removable pockets to hold drain tubes, giving you freedom and peace of mind.

Front-fastening and wire-free, they are easy to wear and come with lightweight fiberfill forms that are adjustable for the best fit.

Some of our camisoles and bras are also infused with Vitamin E and Aloe, providing relief and healing. A few weeks after surgery, some women choose to use a lightweight leisure form to provide balance and symmetry until they are ready to be fitted with their weighted silicone prosthesis.

Surgeons and breast care navigators recommend you be fitted prior to surgery so that you are prepared to go home from the hospital wearing your garments.

Post-surgical garments San Diego Homecare Supplies

Some of the styles available at our store:

Amoena Michelle, Post-surgical garments

Michelle Wire-free Bra

Stretch neckline for easy step-in entry. Ultra-soft cotton fabric offers a snug but non-restrictive

Hannah Camisole Post-surgical garments

Hannah Camisole

Zip front closure feature and padded, stretchable fabric straps fasten in front to make access during treatment easier and while recovering range-of-motion.


Frances Wire-free Bra

Soft, comfortable bra for use immediately after surgery. Front fastening for ease of use. High cotton content and soft cotton pockets. Can be used as a sleep bra. Cotton pockets hold a Priform or leisure form securely in place.

Amoena Hanna Wire-free-Bra Post-Surgical Garments

Hannah Wire-free Bra

Ultra-soft fabric offers a snug and non-restrictive fit. Cotton pockets and smooth interior side seams for comfort to sensitive skin. Front closure bra for easy access during treatment. Padded, stretch fabric straps with front fastener.

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