Reduce the Risks of Falls!

A medical walker improves mobility at home or out on the town.

Medical Walkers and Rollators help improve mobility at home or out on the town. A folding walker helps in reducing the risk of falls by providing a solid frame around your body and offering stability in moments of rest or hesitation.

As with any mobility aid, consider how the walker will be used—on a full-time or occasional basis, at home or in public spaces, primarily indoors or both inside and out? These answers will help decide which model is best for you.

At San Diego Homecare Supplies we carry petite or junior models of walkers as well as tall, heavy duty versions. Tired of those pesky tennis balls that fall apart quickly and get stuck on thresholds? Try using walker skis!  They fit over the back posts of your walker and allow you to glide over thresholds and uneven surfaces without getting stuck.  Made of durable plastic, walker skis will last much longer and are safer than the traditional DIY solution.

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Medical Walkers and Rollators

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From small to tall, we have it all.  Size matters! And remember to ask for a pair of skis.

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We carry many models and styles not published on our website. Please visit us today and we’ll help you find the exact rollator for your needs.

Be sure and pick a walker that can be adjusted to the proper height.  Handles should be at the level of your wrist watch when you are standing with your arms comfortably by your side.  Average models found at drugstores or big box stores are often too tall for anyone under 5’6” and too short for anyone over 6’ tall.

San Diego Homecare Supplies recommends investing in walkers with the large 5 inch wheels in front.  If you already have a walker with the smaller wheels, we have the larger wheel attachments you can purchase separately, saving you money.  You may be interested in accessories such as baskets, bags and trays for your personal items.

About Rollators

We carry different models not yet published in our website.

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Rollators differ from walkers in that they have a four wheels, brakes and a seat, making them more maneuverable and having a place to sit down to rest. Unlike a walker, which you have to pick up and re-position in order to move forward or turn, a rollator allows you to walk at a faster speed and turn corners more easily. Most rollators also come standard with a pouch or basket under the seat for storing personal items, and backrests that allow your rollator to double as a convenient and comfortable seat. Some fold front to back, others side to side, which allows you to fit through narrow doorways.

For these reasons, a rollator may be the best option for someone frequently on the go. On the flipside, rollators are not usually recommended for people with severe balance issues or those needing to lean on their equipment for stability, such as after a hip, knee, or foot surgery. A standard folding two-wheeled walker would be more appropriate for someone with those needs.

Four-wheeled rollators give you greater stability than those with three wheels, and have a seat to sit down and rest. Three-wheeled styles have a tighter turning radius, but do not have a seat.  Another feature to consider is how easily the rollator folds and stays closed when you lift to put it in the car.

At San Diego Homecare Supplies we carry a large selection of rollators in many different price points and feature packages. As with walkers, be sure and find a rollator that can be adjusted to your height and meets your weight capacity. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff will help you choose the right one for your needs and will help adjust your rollator to the appropriate height. Come in today and take one for a test drive!

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