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Ultimate Recline Technology:

Do you or your loved one plop down into your chair?  Do you have to rock back and forth to stand up?  If arthritis, muscle pain, knee or hip replacement, a neuromuscular diseaseNeuromuscular disease is a very broad term that encompasses many diseases and ailments that impair the functioning of the muscles, either directly, being pathologies of the voluntary muscle, or indirectly, being pathologies of nerves or neuromuscular junctions. or other condition has limited your mobility, you know how hard it can be to answer the door or move to another room—not to mention that many chairs just don’t allow you to find a comfortable seated position! Knowing you or the person you care for can get up and down safely and comfortably is important to everyone’s peace of mind. A lift chair is the ideal solution.

A quality lift/recliner chair can help you regain independence, reduce the risk of falls, and ease a caregiver’s concerns. Lift chairs smoothly ease you into a standing, seated or reclined position by using a simple remote control.


Golden Maxicomfort Cloud With Twilight
Golden Maxicomfort Cloud With Twilight

Certified Quality Craftsmanship

At San Diego Homecare Supplies you’ll find a great selection of lift chairs on our showroom floor. From tall to small, we have it all!  We proudly carry Golden Technologies lift chairs, a trusted family-owned company from Pennsylvania that has manufactured its chairs in the US since opening in 1985. Golden chairs are medical grade, made from American hard wood, and are designed to be used for 16 hours a day. This top quality chair is one that will give you service for generations. Come try them out for yourself today.

A lift/recliner chair is a significant investment and you’ll want to educate yourself before making a decision. We are here to help you make the best choice for your individual needs. Call on us today! You will find our prices very competitive and can enjoy same-day white glove delivery service.

MaxiComfort® chairs PR508Trendelenburg San Diego Homecare Supplies

Trendelenburg Position

Every MaxiComfort® chair incorporates the Trendelenburg position, for an ultimate stretch of your entire back.

MaxiComfort® chairs PR508ZeroGravity San Diego Homecare Supplies

Zero-Gravity Position

In this physician-recommended posture, your body can be positioned on the balanced midpoint of the muscles.

MaxiComfort® chairs PR508TV San Diego Homecare Supplies

TV Watching Position

The seat glides while the footrest raises your feet, keeping the back of the chair angled at 90°, reducing friction and discomfort.

Total Comfort Position

Total Comfort Position

When you press the TC button, your MaxiComfort® system moves in a whole new way!

With Single and Dual Recline Technology

Exclusive, patented MaxiComfort® positioning technology.

Dual Motor Recline Technology

Maxi comfort series at San Diego Homecare Supplies

Experience a whole new level of comfort with the MaxiComfort® dual motor lift and recline chairs.

Golden Technologies has perfected the lift chair!  In MaxiComfort®, your body is transported into a blissful, relaxed state.  Choose from optimal comfort positions that promote health, wellness, and relaxation for both your body and mind.

“Total Comfort” is designed for upright relaxation.  The seat box raises to the Zero Gravity position, the backrest moves to the TV Watching position, and your lower body is placed in a relaxed, neutral posture.

“TV Watching” is also perfect for reading a book or using a laptop computer.

“Zero Gravity” glides you to a pressure-free comfort zone. Your spine, hips and knee joints are aligned on the balanced midpoint of the muscles for a natural, relaxing position.

Give your back the ultimate stretch and improve circulation in the “Trendelenburg” position. Many doctors prescribe this position for congestive heart failure, edema, or other circulatory conditions where patients need to raise their legs above their heart to certain periods of time each day. Consult with your physician regarding using the Trendelenburg position.

Golden MaxiComfort® lift chairs come in a variety of luxurious fabrics and textures to match any décor. Browse our array of swatches to find the perfect match.

Single Motor Three Position

Three-position single motor chairs are available in many sizes and styles. From small to tall, we have it all!

Three-position single motor chairs are available in many sizes and styles. From small to tall, we have it all!

A single motor lift chair is often referred to as a “three position” chair.  With single motor chairs, the leg rest and back work together instead of being raised and lowered independently, like the dual motor chairs. This limits the number of available positions to raised, seated and reclined, but does simplify the operations—one button is all it takes to set the chair in motion towards your favorite reclined setting, up to 45 degrees.

Comforter series fits people who are 5’0” to 6’8” tall with weight capacities from 300 to 375 lbs.  Comforter Wides are perfect for those who need more space between armrests and offer weight capacities from 375 to 700 lbs.

Value series is the most cost-effective and combines ultra-soft lumbar pillow support with a unique “grip-rite” arm design for easy transfer.

The Signature Series series offers many features, from arm storage, space saver version (for those with limited space to the wall), Shiatsu model and Transfer Chair with flip-up arms. Also learn here about the Royal Signature Series.

Because of its simplicity, single motor lift chairs are sometimes the best option for an individual with dementia. You might also be interested in a single motor chair if you have a smaller floor plan and less space for the chair to fully recline. In any case, you still have the benefit of the lift function that helps get into and out of your chair.


Lift Chair Comforters Dual and Single Motor Series

With exclusive, patented MaxiComfort® technology.

MaxiComfort® Series at San Diego Homecare Supplies 7846 Broadway, Lemon Grove, CA 91945 619-667-3700

MaxiComfort® Series

Experience a whole new level of comfort with the MaxiComfort® dual motor lift and recline chairs.

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Comforter Series

Comforter Series

With 10 distinct sizes, the Comforter Series has your perfect fit.

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MaxiComfort Relaxer Series

Signature Series

The Signature Series is all new! We’ve introduced new fabrics to our Regal, Transfer Chair and Savannah Wall Hugger.

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Value Series Lift Chairs Monarch Plus

Value Series

Golden’s Value Series lets you enjoy hours of comfortable relaxation, and is easy on your budget.

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