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Finding urological supplies in San Diego can be a challenge, and we are your solution.  We carry in stock commonly needed sizes and styles of catheters, leg bags, night drainage bags, leg straps and catheter holders.

Please keep in mind that urinary intermittent and indwelling foley catheters (normally inserted by a doctor) require a prescription from your doctor.

Call today to discuss your specific needs. Urological Supplies include Male and Female Incontinence Supplies, Adult Diapers, Pull-Ups & Under-pads and more.

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Some of the Urological Support Products that we carry.



These bags are made from heavy duty vinyl for extended wear, odor containment and leak resistance. Each leg bag contains an anti-reflux valve. Available with or without the FLIP-FLO™ drainage valve which opens and closes with a simple flip.

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Conveen Optima Male External Catheter

Conveen® Optima Male External Catheter

Coloplast’s award-winning male external catheter for men with urinary incontinence. Discreet, reliable and very easy to use, Conveen Optima is a reliable continence solution all day.

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Rusch Belly Bag Urinary Collection Device

Rüsch® Belly Bag® Urinary Collection Device

The Belly Bag® Collection Device is worn at the waist and is designed for either males or females who have an indwelling catheter. The bag fastens around the waist by means of a woven belt with a quick release buckle. It has a 1000 mL capacity and is not made with natural rubber latex.

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Dale Hold-n-Place® Leg Band

Dale Hold-n-Place® Leg Band

All Dale Hold-n-Place Foley Catheter Holders feature patented locking systems that securely anchor the catheter in place, reducing the risk of urethral erosion, bladder spasms and trauma. The locking devices speed up application and simplify adjustment.

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Cath Secure Dual Tab Device by M. C. Johnson

Cath Secure Dual Tab Device by M. C. Johnson

Designed to extend from the center, wrap around the tubing, and anchor it tightly to the tape using a press-on hook-and-loop fastening system.

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EasyTap™ Leg Bags 453932

EasyTap™ Leg Bags

The EasyTap™ Leg Bags 453932 is made of high-grade vinyl material (PVC) and contains an anti-reflux valve. It is available in 500 mL and 1000 mL. The leg bag is secured with two cloth straps with buttons. It also contains a flip valve for easy emptying. Not made with natural rubber latex.

Product # 453919 Size: 500 mL with 18” pvc extension tubing. QTY/CASE: 24


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Urological Supplies: 6550 Posey Incontinence Sheath Holders

6550 Posey Incontinence Sheath Holders

For male patients using external urinary catheters.

  • Helps to secure a urinary drainage sheath (external male catheter) in place without the use of adhesive.
  • Hook & loop fasteners for easy application and placement.
  • One size fits most.

Dimensions: 5”L x 1¼”W (13 cm x 3 cm)
Qty.: 1 doz.


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