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Comprilan® is a short stretch compression bandage made from 100% cotton and is specifically designed for the management of venous leg ulcers, lymphedema and edema.

Comprilan® short stretch bandage, works on the principle of applying a low amount of pressure when the muscle is resting / not active. When the muscle is active, such as the calf muscle when walking, the short stretch bandage applies resistance to the muscle, also known as working pressure.

The resistance or working pressure applied by a Comprilan short stretch bandage occurs because of the bandages limited stretch characteristic. Comprilan can only stretch to 90% or less than 1 times its length. This is the opposite of a high stretch bandage which can stretch up to 3 times its length when extended. The short stretch characteristic allows for Comprilan to be worn during rest and activities.

Unlike long stretch bandages, Comprilan provides both compression and high resistance to stretch to increase venous and lymphatic return.

Indications: Venous ulcers Venous insufficiency Edema/Lymphedema Thrombophlebitis Post sclerotheraphy

Features and Benefits: Interlocking weave provides short stretch to ensure consistent compression Anatomically conforming allowing freedom of movement Provides high working pressure and low resting pressure Easy-care and durable, Comprilan can be washed and reused 100%cotton, cool and light, the open weave fabric allows the skin to breathe

Comprinet Pro San Diego Homecare Supplies 619-667-3700


An accepted prophylaxis for reducing the risk of venous thromboembolism in immobilized patients, Comprinet# Pro anti-embolism stockings provide the medically recommended compression of 18 mmHg. Features & Benefits


The Knit design and flexible yarns increase patient comfort, helping with patient compliance A knitted-in heel pocket provides an easier stocking placement over the patient’s foot and helps increase patient comfort Durable The stocking can be laundered at 95º C without affecting compression, allowing multiple reuse. Effective The Knit structure of the stocking provides the medically recommended gradient compression profile for a wide range of patient leg sizes to reduce the risk of venous thromboembolism Indications

Thrombosis prophylaxis in surgical patients and patients requiring prolonged periods of immobilization Contraindications / Precautions

Advanced arterial disease, uncontrolled congestive heart failure, untreated septic phlebitis, phlegmasiacoerulea dolens.

Setopress San Diego Homecare Supplies 619-667-3700



Setopress has been classified as a Type 3c `High Compression Bandage’. It consists of a woven bandage containing nylon and elastane yarns in the warp, and cotton yarns in the weft. During the manufacturing process, the fabric is printed with a series of rectangles that change to squares as the bandage is stretched and the recommended application tension is achieved. One side of the bandage has brown squares, the other side has green squares. When applied to an average size leg in accordance with the technique described by the manufacturer and using the brown squares as a guide, the bandage will produce a pressure at the ankle of 40 mmHg. If the green squares are used, the pressure will be lower, approximately 30 mmHg. Setopress may be washed repeatedly without affecting its performance significantly.


Setopress is one of the most powerful compression bandages available, and is primarily intended for the application of controlled levels of pressure in the treatment of venous ulcers and other conditions where compression therapy is required. Because the bandage has the ability to `follow in’, or maintain compression on limbs as they decrease in circumference, it can be used to reduce existing gross oedema, unlike products made from cotton or lightweight nylon fabrics.


As with all compression bandages, Setopress should not be applied to patients who have marked ischaemia or impaired arterial blood supply. The inappropriate use of the bandage in these situations could have very serious consequences. Setopress should not be applied to individuals with very thin legs (less than 18 cm circumference at the ankle).

Method of use

When using Setopress, some workers first apply a layer of padding to offer protection to bony prominences such as the tibial crest, the dorsum of the foot and the malleolus. During application, the leg should be positioned with the knee flexed and the foot at right angles. With the bulk roll facing upwards, the bandage is extended until the rectangles printed on the fabric become squares.

A single turn of bandage is made around the ankle, down over the top of the foot and around the base of the toes. A second turn is then made over the top of the foot and down to cover the heel. After making a further turn around the ankle, the application is completed with a simple spiral up the leg each layer overlapping the previous one by 50% effectively producing two complete layers. Once in place, the bandage may be fastened with tapes, or pins, as appropriate. Care should be taken not to produce a tourniquet effect at the knee, and the operator should ensure that a pressure gradient exists beneath the bandage, with the highest levels of pressure at the ankle.

Frequency of Change

Provided the bandage has been correctly applied and does not become displaced, it will continue to apply the desired levels of compression over an extended period.


Because of the power inherent in Setopress and its ability to maintain high levels of compression over extended periods, care must be taken to ensure that the bandage is not applied with excessive tension. It is also important to ensure that the bandage is applied with no more than a 50% overlap, to do otherwise will result in the formation of excessive pressure which in turn may lead to areas of tissue damage.


Setopress is presented individually boxed.


7.5 cm × 3.5 m* 10.0 cm × 3.5 m*

Tensopress San Diego Homecare Supplies 619-667-3700


Tensopress is a knitted bandage incorporating a soft blend of cotton, viscose and elastic thread.  This combination reduces the possibility of irritation to sensitive healing skin and provides superior stretching properties, making it highly conformable. Tensopress is a light, strong bandage that will not fray at the edges and is long enough to cover the leg from the base of the toes to the knee.

Easy to use and comfortable to wear,Tensopress provides consistent stretch and regain for controlled compression.  The durable elastic construction ensures sustained compression, while the conformable design avoids ridging and uneven pressure.

 Features & Benefits

 Controlled Compression

  • Tensopress gives you precise control over bandage compression, with an even increase in elasticity throughout its working extension, to make sub-bandage pressures considerably easier to gauge.

 Easy to Use

  • The design and knit of Tensopress make it a strong, light and easy to use bandage which naturally follows a smooth and consistent line around the difficult shapes and angles of the foot and ankle. Tensopress conforms smoothly and evenly to provide the patient with a comfortable yet firm bandage.  A central yellow line has been included to aid correct overlap.

 Sustained Compression

  • The research behind Tensopress indicates that it sustains an even and consistent compression for periods of over a week, even after washing, making it an extremely reliable and cost-effective treatment option.

 Reduced Irritation

  • Tensopress stays firmly in place to reduce irritation and the temptation for the patient to interfere with open or healing areas.


 Treatment of venous ulcers

  • The softness, conformability and controlled performance of Tensopressmake it purpose designed for precise treatment of the venous leg ulcer.

 Contraindications / Precautions

Tensopress is not suitable for ankles of less than 18cm in circumference.  If necessary, pad ankle to 18cm or greater.

Comprilan San Diego Homecare Supplies 619-667-3700


Gelocast Elastic is a semi-rigid support and compression bandage consisting of a cellulose base and zinc oxide gel coating. Primarily used for the treatment of venous diseases, it is ideal for topical treatment of non-exuding leg ulcers and skin conditions such as varicose veins.

Gelocast Elastic is preservative-free and safe to use on sensitive skin. The gel mass has a creamy consistency which allows for rapid and mess-free application. After quickly drying, the bandage converts into a semi-rigid state and produces a low resting pressure and a high working pressure, providing graduated compression and support.

Indications Semi-rigid support and compression bandage for healing venous ulcers. For therapy of deep venous thrombosis. For soothing reddened, irritated skin. For improving haemodynamics. For treatment after removal of plaster casts. For bandaging of dislocations and sprains. For soothing inflamed and oedematous ski

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