“I wish I had known about you when my dad was alive. We could have given him a lot of relief with everything you have in your store.”

Anna and Sydel, owners of San Diego Homecare Supplies
I wish I had known about you

These people really know their stuff! I went in looking for a solution for my mom’s problem falling out of bed and found a treasure trove of products I didn’t even know existed.  The staff here are very knowledgeable and helpful.  Go here first!” A.M. 5/22/2009

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Go here first!

“On recent 3 week European trip, I had to wear a compression device around my left knee – your compression stockings kept my leg below the knee from swelling, and definitely helped with comfort. Thanks for the good fitting!” H Blane Howell 

Wear a compression device

“The most centrally located mastectomy supply store with the best selection and service is San Diego Homecare Supplies.” S.R. 2/26/2014

Skin Preparation Tonic
Most centrally located mastectomy supply store

“Many of our patients are going to San Diego Homecare Supplies because they are the best post-mastectomy provider in the County. They offer excellent service and selection.” S.H. 2/12/2014

Mabis Premium Talking Digital Blood Pressure Arm Monitor
Our patients are going to San Diego Homecare Supplies

“Our patients are always satisfied with the customer service as well as the quality of products and expert fittings for their compression garments. San Diego Homecare Supplies will go the extra mile to meet our patients’ specific needs.  They have great follow up and follow through on all patients that go there.  They provide a unique service and they provide it at a high level of competence.” M.J. 12/5/2013

Cane & Crutch Accessories San Diego Homecare Supplies
Our patients are always satisfied

“Service when it counts. Taking care of my handicapped mother has proven to be a learning experience for me. With high blood pressure, arthritis, diabetes and recent knee surgery, her mobility is very limited.  When I visited San Diego Homecare Supplies, they were very helpful and patient. Many of their recommendations have helped to make my mother’s life a lot less strenuous and much more comfortable. I highly recommend their services. They are patient and very knowledgeable regarding medical equipment and the needs of the handicapped.” A.R. 11/29/2004

Cane & Crutch Accessories San Diego Homecare Supplies
Service when it counts