“Hello to all the Veterans out there: I had a Light bulb moment today! My wife and I had an appointment to be fitted for a pair of compression socks (compliments of the obstetrics and  orthotics dept. @ the V.A. hospital La Jolla Ca.)I was was greeted and waited on in a timely manner by the kindest woman in the whole city of San Diego ” Sydel ” and not only was she an outstanding professional and knew her craft well, she ‘s B E A U T I F U L too! Wait…. Here’s the life changing light bulb moment. Once I was fitted with a unbelievably great looking pair of compression socks (black was my choice of color among a variety of colors to choose from), I was holding back the tears of joy, from the amazing instantaneous soothing and comfortable leg and ankle relief I felt immediately 5 – 10 seconds after being properly measured and properly fitted for the first time in my entire life!!! We’re talking Volkswagen – Rolls Royce not an exaggeration. My fellow veterans and brothers at arms tell your Primary care physician to stop giving you those dreadful tight ugly compression socks that are currently basic standard issue, trade in that Subaru for a Bentley and you will never ever regret it! My feet and my legs have actually been pain free for the first time in many years. Guys pay attention to detail, ” Treat Yourself ” stop ” Cheating Yourself ” As american soldiers we deserve the best our country can buy for us! Don’t procrastinate! Don’t hesitate! San Diego Homecare Supplies, they’re compassionate and considerate to all that walk through their door. Heaven must be missing an Angel…because I met one of them today! ” Sydel Howell ” God speed to the entire staff as well…..Mel & Julita Carpenter