Seat Cushions, Bed Wedges & Mattress Covers

Cushions and Mattress Overlays, Seat Pads, provide a shock absorbing layer between your body and the seat or bed. If your seat, bed, or wheelchair are not sufficiently comfortable, specialty seat cushions, bed wedges, and mattress covers will help you save the day. Wheelchair cushions, level cushions, and sleeping pad or mattress overlays are indispensable for the prevention and treatment of skin breakdown, pressure sores and ulcers.
Supra SofGel Cushion with Fleece #1327
Supra SofGel Cushion with Fleece #1327

Seat Cushions

The best seating cushions help provide comfort and prevention in the areas of the body where many people put more pressure throughout the day. Considering the amount of time spent sitting upright, whether in wheelchairs, daychairs, or other hard surfaces, it’s vital to consider covering these surfaces to aid in seating comfort and prevention and treatment of pressure ulcers.

Bed Wedge Cushions

We offer a wide selection of bed wedge cushions for a wide range of therapeutic, comfort and medical applications. Also known as wedge pillows, positioning pillows, body pillows and adaptive cushions, these soft and durable wedges and rolls can be used in a variety of ways, dependent upon the individual user’s particular needs, therapeutic goals and physical requirements.

Car Tush-Eze #1314 & 1314-G
Car Tush-Eze #1314 & 1314-G
Incontinence Supplies: Deluxe Vinyl Mattress Covers - Zippered
Deluxe Vinyl Mattress Covers - Zippered.

Deluxe Vinyl Mattress Covers - Zippered

The Deluxe Vinyl Mattress Covers fully protect your bed from bed bugs, allergens and dust mites. Made of long-wearing stay-soft Waterproof vinyl, these covers protect your mattress from any liquids, stains and spills. From hospital size to King size mattress. Easy care – wipes clean with a damp cloth – air dry. 

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