Bug Fix Accessibility Notice

Thank you for taking the time to let us know about this bug you found. Please read below to learn how to state the severity of the bug.

Please provide as much information as possible when logging bugs:
Would you find a bug in our website that prevents you from enjoying the environment we have envisioned for a successful website experience, please provide the following information:
• URL of the page where you fund the problem.
• Description of the problem.
• Section of the page where the problem is first noticed.


Here are some definitions to keep in mind when submitting a bug report:
Define defect severity.
The severity describes the impact of a bug.
•    Blocker: Prevents developers or testers from performing their jobs. Impacts the development process.
•    Critical: Crash, loss of data, corruption of data, severe memory leak.
•    Major: Major loss of function, as specified in the product requirements for this release, or existing in the current
•    Normal: Non-major loss of function.
•    Minor: Issue that can be viewed as trivial (e.g. cosmetic, UI, easily documented).
•    Enhancement: Request for software enhancement, or any non-defect task or work item.
Define defect priority.
The priority specifies the level of urgency to be resolved for the defect.
•    P1-Urgent: Defects are urgent issues. Developers should try to fix P1 issues as soon as possible during the current iteration.
•    P2-High: Defects must be resolved in this release. Developers should try to fix P2 issues during the next iteration.
•    P3-Medium: Defects would like to be fix, but won’t hold shipment for them.
•    P4-Low: Defects are not as strong as desirable.