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Breast forms and bras, like the Silicone breast forms, have the shape and texture of a natural breast, making them discreet under clothing, lingerie and even bathing suits. Breast forms are not only a matter of aesthetics and confidence, they can be critical to your overall health. Rather, by replacing the weight and shape removed during surgery provides better balance and posture. It also reduces strain on the body, and helps prevent the chest and shoulders from sinking.  Most health insurances cover a new prosthesis every two years following a partial or full mastectomy.

Shoulders or back hurting?  Feeling off balance?  Running into walls or falling? Shoulders uneven? Chest caving in? Believe it or not, wearing a silicone breast form may help.  Breast forms and bras, particularly as you age, help with keeping your body in balance is essential to your overall health.  We have ladies that come in using a cane and not wearing a prosthesis, and leave after their fitting wearing a prosthesis and not using a cane. What an improvement!

Prosthesis feeling heavy? It may be time for a new bra!  When bras get old and the elastic wears out, they no longer hold your breast form close to your body, making the prosthesis feel heavy.  Getting fitted for new bras at least once a year is recommended, and your health insurance may cover them.

Get fitted for a new breast form every two years, it’s more than a good idea!  Our bodies change as we age, and even if you are the same weight, what fit you following your mastectomy is likely to change over the years. Our certified fitters will help you to find the right size and shape for a beautiful and natural fit from our large selection of quality brands.

Personalized Advise is available by appointment with our fitters, to learn about your options for using a breast form.


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Frequently Asked Questions & Answers about Breast Forms and Bras:

Can Amoena Contact also be worn as a traditional breast form?
Contact can be worn as a back cover, so that it can be worn loose in the cup of a bra. Furthermore, if you do not want to wear it as a self-adhesive breast form.

How can I get maximum adhesion from my Contact breast form?
Careful regular cleaning directly after wear is the best guarantee that your Contact will adhere securely. We would also recommend that you prepare your skin using the Amoena Skin Preparation Tonic and wear Contact in a well-fitting bra. Additionally, adhesion seems stronger for some women when Contact is worn on a regular basis, rather than just once in awhile.

Will Contact stay in place without a bra?
Contact breast forms adhere well to the skin and some women are able to wear them without the support of a bra. However, for complete security in every situation, we recommend that you wear Contact in a bra.

What is the expected lifetime of a silicone breast prosthesis?
Most Amoena® breast prostheses are warrantied against manufacturer’s defects for two years from the date of purchase. The warranty does not cover damage to the prosthesis from punctures or erosion to the skin of the prosthesis from perfume or lotions. Premium breast forms may last longer than two years with proper care. It is still a good idea to see a Certified Mastectomy Fitter yearly to have a fit assessment, as women’s bodies change with age and weight.

How long does the adhesive surface last?
The adhesive strength lasts from 12-14 months on average, depending on wear, care and skin type. This is an extraordinarily long life, since the breast form can be worn directly on the body for up to 16 hours a day! After prolonged and intensive wear, sweat and skin particles collect on the adhesive surface, which can gradually diminish the adhesive strength.

Can Contact be used when swimming?
Yes; however, adhesion may be limited. In some cases uneven scarring can allow water to penetrate between the breast form and the skin, affecting adhesion. Amoena Contact will not be damaged by salt or chlorinated water, but should be washed with Amoena Soft Cleanser soon after being worn in the water.

How important is it to clean the adhesive surface regularly?
When the breast form is removed, particles of skin get onto the adhesive surface. The adhesive surface should therefore be cleaned every time the form is worn or whenever adhesion is diminished. Thorough, daily cleaning reactivates the adhesive strength and is therefore the best way to ensure the breast form stays firmly in place

Why is it important to clean the Amoena Contact breast form with Amoena skin and form care products?
Amoena Skin and Form care products are designed especially for use with the adhesive surface of the Contact breast form. Substances that can cause skin irritations have deliberately been eliminated. Other skin and form care products can impair the adhesion of the Contact breast form.

How do I clean the Amoena Contact breast form?
Cleaning Contact is quick and easy. Simply use the Soft Cleanser and Brush supplied with Contact — we recommend scrubbing with a good amount of pressure — and allow to air-dry or use a hairdryer on a low temperature setting.

If I have had radiation on my chest wall, can I wear a Contact breast form?
If you have had radiation therapy on your chest wall, a Contact breast form may not be the right form for you. It is best to consult your physician before wearing a Contact breast form.

Has Contact been tested?
Amoena has a policy of ensuring that all new products have been thoroughly tested by women who have had breast surgery. Women tested this product concept over four years.

In wear tests, the breast form performed very well with high levels of customer satisfaction in several categories. The gel adhesive was tested by an independent laboratory. It was found suitable for use in the skin, in accordance with international standards for biological evaluation of medical devices. Tests were performed to assess skin irritation and skin sensitization. The adhesive was also tested to ensure that it is nontoxic and inert (non-reactive). In all cases, the gel adhesive successfully passed these tests.

In skin compatibility tests, most women did not have any issues with skin irritation or allergic reactions. If you have had reactions to silicone products in the past, such as stockings and strapless bras, then, the Contact breast form may not be the right choice. We recommend you discuss any concerns with your physician. Some type of skins require a certain period of time adjusting to the breast form adhesive. When you first wear Contact you may experience slight skin reddening, when you remove the form . This reddening is generally not an allergic reaction, only the result of increased circulation in the breast area. If you experience an unusual skin reaction, immediately stop use and seek medical attention.

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