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Bath Transfer Benches are a great option to consider when planning to improve your bathroom safety. 

Bath and Shower Safety Products, Walk-In Baths and more, find it all, at San Diego Homecare Supplies!

A slip while bathing can happen in only a moment but lead to devastating health consequences. If you or a loved one is at risk of falling in the tub or shower, consider investing in a transfer bench or shower chair.

Using a transfer bench while entering and exiting the bathtub, or a shower chair in a walk-in shower can greatly reduce the risk of a fall by allowing the user to sit comfortably and take the time they need to safely bathe.

Bath Transfer Bench

Bath Transfer Bench. Not sure what kind of transfer bench you need? Just call us!

User friendly sliding transfer bench with padded seat

User friendly sliding transfer bench with padded seat.

Eagle brand new sliding swivel transfer bench.

The right equipment may even allow you or your loved one to bathe or shower independently.  In the very least, bath safety equipment can help a caregiver reduce injuring themselves while assisting with bathing. Find great Bath Transfer Bench brands and selection at San Diego Homecare Supplies, as well as Bath & Shower Safety items, Walk-In Baths and more. We also carry a wide inventory of useful and secure Transfer Bath ChairsThe experienced staff at San Diego Homecare Supplies can help you select a transfer bench or chair that best meets your particular needs.

Some factors to consider are:

1. The shape and dimensions of your bathroom/bathtub/shower stall

2. the weight and mobility of the person using the bench of chair

3. The limitations of the user and caregiver, and any other special considerations.

You will be amazed by the variety of choices available! We carry in stock benches that slide and swivel, seats with built-in commodes, wheels and armrests, and bariatric equipment. We can also provide assembly and delivery service. Please speak to our staff to make arrangements.

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